Your account has been disabled

If you are in the cannabis industry, you know that the major social networks don’t like us.

It’s not just the networks, though, that cause accounts to be deleted.

Rival dispensaries, edibles lines, etc., will report the competion’s account.

Instagram and Facebook are reactive, so the accounts are automatically disabled, or even worse, deleted.

Disabled means you have a chance to appeal losing your account. Deleted means it’s gone.

When you get this error message, you want to click on the “Learn More” option.

Now, if you have followed the Community Guidelines of Instagram (Remember, you hit “I agree” when you signed up, so you HAVE to follow them!), and haven’t broken their rules, you will have a better likelihood of being reinstated.

Once there, you will see this:

Appeal to Instagram
You will have an option to appeal, and write a note with your appeal.

I hate that I have to remind people of this, but please be sure you have proper spelling and grammar when you appeal.

You will have to do several a day.

You may need to do dozens a day.

You may not get your account back.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s easier to just start fresh.

Want to know how to keep your Instagram account safe and not break their rules? Email me