Are you getting the traffic from your social media channels you expect?

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One thing that can be so frustrating for small business owners, especially in emerging industries, is competing in the feed of the social media networks. That algorithm can be a beast to get through, so having an optimized profile can help.


One way to stand out…


Have a complete profile 

If you’ve got a Facebook Page for your business, be sure that each section is filled out completely. If you’re a brick & mortar, make sure your address is filled out. Ditto for your hours. 


On Instagram, links can be tricky to work with. One thing that Instagram prohibits is the ability to click on links in a post or comment. A great workaround is to use a tool like, which allows for multiple links to direct your followers. It looks nice, and you can customize images to show up. 


Use dedicated, researched hashtags and keywords on your Instagram account. To search for hashtags – and see how many posts have used it – just type it in the search bar. You’ll get a drop-down menu of many hashtags, from heavily-used to niche hashtags. Use a couple of each. No need to hashtag your brand, as the name is in the handle. 


Your LinkedIn Company Page is also a great way to drive traffic to your website. Keywords and hashtags from your Instagram research can be utilized there, too. 


Think outside the box for keywords!

They don’t have to (SHOULDN’T) have anything “canna” in them. I like to use tools like, which is a creative way to use words and verbiage that most aren’t. 


Multiple blogs on your website?

No problem! You can list several  – for free – on They also have professional profiles, which aren’t free, but still reasonable. (I am not getting paid by them, just sharing what I like to use to organize my clients’ links.)


That link can be used on other social profiles, like Twitter. If you’re a B2B company, you absolutely need to be on Twitter. Use your profile to direct traffic to your multi-link app. Don’t go crazy with hashtags on Twitter, as the etiquette evolves constantly, with one or two in a tweet or your profile being acceptable. 



It really can be, but it’s important to your brand. 


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