Cannaboss Amy Donohue of Get Hybrid Social Cannabis social media marketing

Cannaboss Amy Donohue

I've always been the social butterfly, even back in elementary school. It's exactly why I got into social media marketing.

It started when I joined Myspace as a comedian and radio DJ, helping a small business with their profiles. That was in 2005. and I have been helping others on social media ever since.

I started my own company, The Fab Social, in 2012. I spent a good deal of time reading up on the latest trends and attending social media workshops and conferences to keep learning. Much of my knowledge, though came from personal experience.

As a heavy user of social media, I understand each network has its own etiquette. There are different ways to interact and post on each, and it took many years of LIVING social media to understand them.

The Cannabis Industry

I started working within the cannabis industry back in 2012 after being recruited by a local rolling paper company to manage their social media accounts. As a consumer since the 80s, I knew the stigma. Growing up GenX, with the War on Drugs beat into our heads, I had to spend a ton of time educating myself. friends and family on cannabis.

As a cannabis social media consultant for more than 8 years, I’ve learned most digital marketing consultants don't understand how different marketing is in this industry. There are limitations and restrictions in place. Failing to remain compliant with ever-changing rules can lead to brands losing their accounts. In addition to managing cannabis brand accounts, I teach social media compliance to others within, and looking to break into, the industry. As a former high school teacher, I've got the patience and creativity to teach social media to anyone.

Social Media Marketing Works

Social media is probably the best tool out there for someone with my experience using it. For those who say social media is stupid, a waste of time, or doesn’t work, I have evidence otherwise.

In 2011, I donated my kidney after seeing a tweet. In May 2013, I embarked on a cross-country trip to interview and film other kidney donors, for the documentary "Social Media Stole My Kidney."​ It was funded largely through Indiegogo, by my social media following.

I also have a sister who found me on Facebook. I hadn't seen her in over 20 years!

I've met the coolest & smartest people in my life through social media!

Outside Social Media

When people use the phrase "think outside the box,"​ they're pretty much talking about me.

I also take the time to meet people in person. I love connecting great entrepreneurs, and the best way to do that is to actually get to know them.