Cross-posting on Cannabis Social Media: There’s An Etiquette

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One of the most maddening habits I see in cannabis social media is cross-posting. More specifically, cross-posting with zero regard to editing after the content is posted so it looks good.   Keep in mind this is for businesses, not people. Brands should put more effort into their social media posts.   Let me explain…

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Why Twitter? More Reasons Cannabis Brands Should Be Using It

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After 16 years of doing social media for small businesses, I’m still surprised at how many people behind the screen don’t understand how social networks help to brand your business.    Ignoring networks, because they aren’t Facebook or Instagram, can harm more than help, so it’s important that your social media strategy includes more networks.…

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Being Social Should Be The #1 Priority For Your Cannabis Brand

Hello neighbors written in white chalk on a sidewalk as a way to be social - something forgotten in social media

The cannabis industry was built on Social Media and Networking. While those two sometimes melt into each other, it’s important to remember how crucial social media – and being SOCIAL – is to your cannabis brand(s).    With one of our contracts ending, we needed to find another firm to take over handling the social…

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Why You Need Twitter for the Cannabis Industry

Get Hybrid Social Twitter banner - why you need to use Twitter if you are in the Cannabis Industry

It never fails. At least once a month, I get a random email from someone asking for help in getting their Instagram account or Facebook Page back. In my responses to them, I always ask about the other networks they’re using. Most are putting everything into Facebook and/or Instagram.  Why would you do that?  …

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Tips for Your Cannabusiness on Social Media

As always, I am prompted to write something when I see something done so poorly and unprofessionally on LinkedIn. Many times, I ask myself how some of these places are still in business. I get it. Not everyone has been a heavy social media user like me and doesn’t understand there are nuances and etiquette…

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Never Trust a Skinny Chef…or a Social Media “Manager” Who Has 37 Followers

Another message from another cannabis Facebook friend who hired another inept “social media” person. Remember that saying “Never trust a skinny chef!”? The same goes for social media. Before you hire someone, especially in the cannabis industry, there are some key things to know and look for. 1. Check out their social media. If their…

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Your Cannabis Social Media Sucks!

Yep, I said it. In fact, I say it almost every day as I interact with other brands on behalf of my clients. It’s so disheartening, because I believe in this industry. I want it to be professional, and LOOK professional to those who aren’t in the industry. We have states with medical programs on…

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Facebook, Hashtags, and Cannabis

Social media in the cannabis industry is hard as it is. Why make it harder by using hashtags on your company Page posts? We can’t boost or buy ads for a lot of industry Pages. WHY would you want engagement to go down? Another reason why hashtags aren’t great on Facebook is that marketers can’t…

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My worst nightmare as a Cannabis Social Media Consultant happened.

My worst nightmare as a social media consultant happened last week. A client’s Facebook Page was unpublished. The worst part? I never, ever post anything that is selling product. I keep the content clean, with a medical slant on what I post to educate our patients. Several other cannabis industry pages were lost, but thankfully,…

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