Cross-posting on Cannabis Social Media: There’s An Etiquette

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One of the most maddening habits I see in cannabis social media is cross-posting. More specifically, cross-posting with zero regard to editing after the content is posted so it looks good.


Keep in mind this is for businesses, not people. Brands should put more effort into their social media posts.


Let me explain cross-posting:

Cross-posting is when you use a tool to post to more than one network at a time, or from one network to another. The most common of these is Instagram posting to Facebook, or Facebook to Twitter.


People will cross-post to save time, but it actually creates more work than just posting organically on each channel. Why? Well, in cannabis, accounts on both Facebook and Instagram get taken down often.


The end result is the same brand is likely using different names (handles) for each platform. Cross-posting means brand names mentioned in posts no longer match up. So, you have to go back to every network you cross-posted to, to correct the errors. And it seems no one ever goes back to edit their posts.


Let’s say you post to Instagram, and you mention (that’s using the @) a brand in your post, which then goes to your brand’s Facebook Page.


Only…the brand either isn’t on Facebook, or the name isn’t the same on Instagram.

Didn’t you check ahead of time to see what the name was on Facebook, before posting there? Nah.


Your post on one of the platforms will both look unprofessional and fail at tagging the intended brand.



If you are going to cross-post, you must check each post. But, since people cross-post to save time, that never happens.


Then, there are the hashtags.

Hashtags are for search. They are not accessories.


Let me repeat that:


Hashtags are for search. They are not accessories.Click To Tweet


They also need a strategy; especially for Instagram.


Hashtags drive engagement down on Facebook. They’re impossible for a marketer to track, because if they’re used on people’s Profiles, and it’s private, you won’t get clear results. And, if they’re driving down engagement in an industry that doesn’t allow for ads, why would you use them?


All of those hashtags used on Instagram hurt your efforts on Facebook when cross-posting. And they look unprofessional.


Building a brand online isn’t easy.

Social Media is time-consuming, and it should be. It’s your brand’s welcome mat, and where customers will go to pump you up or tear you down. Etiquette is just as important as what you’re posting.


If you are going to be cross-posting, go back and edit your content. Your brand image matters.

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  1. Jason on September 22, 2021 at 11:37 pm

    That open my eyes private I see the irony of it and her that part about social media being where they pop you up with her you down yeah I think that’s where a lot of people get scared of doing businesses and stuff online because they don’t want to do with all that you know little red strings tripping over

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