Facebook, Hashtags, and Cannabis

Facebook, Hashtags, and Cannabis

Social media in the cannabis industry is hard as it is.

Why make it harder by using hashtags on your company Page posts?

We can’t boost or buy ads for a lot of industry Pages.

WHY would you want engagement to go down?

Another reason why hashtags aren’t great on Facebook is that marketers can’t measure them, since the majority of profiles are private.

What’s the point, then?

“5. Posts with hashtags receive less engagement than those without

Buzzsumo’s study of over 1 billion Facebook posts discovered that posts on Facebook that include a hashtag receive less engagement than those without hashtags.”


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  1. […] Hashtags drive engagement down on Facebook. They’re impossible for a marketer to track, because if they’re used on people’s Profiles, and it’s private, you won’t get clear results. And, if they’re driving down engagement in an industry that doesn’t allow for ads, why would you use them? […]

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