How many times do you post to social media a day?

Tips for Your Cannabusiness on Social Media

It’s more than posting social media content

I love when I am chatting with a potential client, and can explain what really goes into social media. The actual post is about 10% of the work a professional social media manager does.

1. Before that post, I have to take the time to research your target audience. I need to know what they like, where they are, and what time they are online. All networks shows you these stats, by the way, and your social media manager should know how to read them.

2. Then, I have to create a strategy for each network. No, they can’t be the same, because content isn’t the same on each network.

3. More research! Shadowbans are a beast, so I have to research this every Monday, including shadowbanned hashtags.

4. Finding better platforms than Suckerberg’s. (intentional typo) There are several social media networks out there that aren’t as prohibitive or abusive (it really IS abuse that y’all keep running back to!) as Facebook or Instagram.


  • Twitter (Where enthusiasts and owners hang out)
  • reddit (where the REAL enthusiasts are)
  • Pinterest (Branding, branding, branding!)
  • Snapchat (GREAT for retail and brands!)
  • tumblr (Civilized gets 25% of their CBD sales here!)
  • Google My Business (IT’S GOOGLE)
  • Duby (Swipe right/left – great for brands and retail)
    …and more!


Just because someone is a millennial (I have literally gotten 'We hired our millennial nephew!') or younger than 50, doesn't mean they know the professional, behind-the-scenes factors of social media.Click To Tweet


So, how many times do I post a day for my clients? Depends.


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