LinkedIn Tips for Your Cannabusiness on Social Media

As always, I am prompted to write something when I see something done so poorly and unprofessionally on LinkedIn. Many times, I ask myself how some of these places are still in business. I get it. Not everyone has been a heavy social media user like me and doesn’t understand there are nuances and etiquette online. You won’t ever know all of that unless you do what I do, frankly.

But then I wonder why anyone hits “I agree” to the Terms of Service, and does the opposite of what’s allowed. Would you do that with a business contract? What about a lease for your company? Don’t you read all that before signing it? Or, at least, your lawyer? The same applies to social media. You have to take it as seriously as everything else! It’s your brand’s welcome mat online, and it had better look good before you invite people in.

I just got a connect request for a business. (pauses to let that sink in.) How is it possible for me to be friends with a business? That’s right! IT ISN’T POSSIBLE. A business OWNER I can be friends with, but that pizza parlor on the corner isn’t coming to help me change a tire. The OWNER of that business would, though!

I report every single one of them. Yep, I’m that person.

  1. When you are filling in your profile, it asks for your first and last name. That’s not Joe’s Pizza. That’s Joe Italiannamehere. Get it?
  2. A business can’t shake hands, nor can it send an email. Go ahead. Go ask your sneakers if it can send an email. Or that pizza parlor. The can’t because they are INANIMATE OBJECTS.
  3. Create a Company Page on here! Not only does that make you look like you know what the heck you’re doing, but it’s what you’re supposed to do on here. It gives you a professional edge over those who *gulp* don’t follow basic directions.
  4. Update that Company Page. Put a button to it on your website. Be sure your profile listing for that position links to your company Page.
  5. Never send me a connect request from your business.

Social media – and how your company is portrayed on it – needs to be more of a priority, especially in the cannabis industry. Looking professional makes us ALL look professional!

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