MJBizCon 2017

I am here in Vegas for MJBizCon! This is my second year coming up, and it has more than doubled in size in the last year. Seeing the growth of this industry in just a year’s time is that cliche “awe-inspiring,” but it’s true!


When the show opened in 2016, the expectation was 7500 attendees. By the end of the first day, there were over 11 thousand. What does that mean? It means we finally have a place to come together, make connections, make money, and grow an industry. It means if we have an opportunity to do so, we tell all our friends. This year, they are expecting 17,000 people.

This is an industry fueled by trade shows and social media. In the weeks leading up to any of these events, I connect with as many people as possible on LinkedIn and Facebook, so that we can sit down and talk face-to-face once we arrive at the shows. I’ve made great friends this way, and we continue our relationships online. It’s so great! This is why I love social media so much.

If you can get to any trade shows in the cannabis industry, do it. You will be surprised at how different it is than what you think.




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