Why Twitter? More Reasons Cannabis Brands Should Be Using It

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After 16 years of doing social media for small businesses, I’m still surprised at how many people behind the screen don’t understand how social networks help to brand your business. 


Ignoring networks, because they aren’t Facebook or Instagram, can harm more than help, so it’s important that your social media strategy includes more networks. Typically, I see links for Facebook and Twitter on websites, with zero regard for everything else out there.


Putting all your social media eggs into the “Zuckerberg basket” can damage your brand in more multiple ways. This includes both being prohibitive to emerging industries and the resulting monetary costs in losses as they’ve shut down accounts, even compliant ones, just because. 


The cannabis, hemp, and psilocybin industries have suffered enough stigma and prohibition for long enough that we should be supporting networks that aren’t as damaging. 


What are your other options? 




Twitter is less restrictive than Facebook and Instagram.

It doesn’t shut down accounts as easily. I’ve seen many cannabis ads (non-plant-touching) on Twitter, too. Immediately there’s the benefit of not worrying what you built will disappear.


Your target audience is there.

That may come as a surprise to some, but there are hundreds of thousands of cannabis, hemp, and psilocybin consumers on Twitter, who aren’t elsewhere because they’re so prohibitive. 

Can your brand afford to ignore them? Nope.


The news hits Twitter first!

If you want to show your brand is on the cusp of whatever’s happening, It’s easy to follow relevant, real-time conversations on Twitter and jump in. That’s free exposure for your brand and gets you into the feed. That won’t happen with Facebook and Instagram. It is extremely difficult to break through Zuckerberg’s godforsaken algorithm.



They aren’t accessories. They’re keywords. They are searchable. Hashtags group related content. Used properly, they can get your brand found through related content. While they work the same on Instagram, there are so many on each post, they behave more like accessories than a tool. They have real value on Twitter.

There’s also the issue of shadowbanning on Instagram. While there are a number of reasons for the ban, the big culprit is hashtag use. Use banned tags or inappropriate tags in your post and you could be banned and never know it. 

P.S. Hashtags originated on Twitter



NOT being on a network like Twitter means losing out on an SEO opportunity for your website. You have a website, right? Then why wouldn’t you have your brand on the 3rd-biggest network in the world which indexes tweets for your SEO? 


My friend Bridget Willard, who I met through Twitter almost a decade ago, had this to say about Twitter


“Now, one important thing that you should realize about Twitter is that individual tweets are indexed by Google. What does that mean? It means that Google reads tweets and may possibly show them in search results.”


Wait, what? Google reads tweets? And you’re not on Twitter for your business? Click To Tweet


FYI – those hashtags? Google also picks up hashtags in search.


Want to get ahead of your competition?

Learn how to effectively use Twitter for your brand! 

Contact me to discuss your social strategy, and how you can incorporate one of the biggest – and oldest – social media networks. 


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