Never Trust a Skinny Chef…or a Social Media “Manager” Who Has 37 Followers

Another message from another cannabis Facebook friend who hired another inept “social media” person.

Remember that saying “Never trust a skinny chef!”?

The same goes for social media.

Never Trust a Skinny Chef...or a Social Media "Manager" Who Has 37 Followers

Before you hire someone, especially in the cannabis industry, there are some key things to know and look for.

1. Check out their social media. If their company isn’t posting regularly, they aren’t going to do that for you.

2. If they have 37 followers on Twitter, that’s what you can expect, too.

3. Walk the talk! If their company pages aren’t great, yours won’t be either.

4. Spellcheck! Seriously, I see “professionals” who don’t know the difference between plural and possessive. It’s maddening!

5. Get references and case studies. Ask to see what a monthly report looks like. If they can’t provide that, don’t hire them.

Social media is your company’s welcome mat. If it looks like crap from someone who doesn’t know what they are doing, your BRAND LOOKS LIKE CRAP.

Don’t you – and your business – deserve better? Doesn’t our industry deserve better?

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