We are now Social Media Co-Chairs for Women Grow!

Last week, we were asked by Sara Gullickson to become Social Media Co-Chairs for our local chapter of Women Grow. Of course, we had to accept. We joined in January 2015, and have met some awesome people this past year.

One of the things we love about being a part of Women Grow is that it’s a very welcoming group. At other networking groups, people don’t care about making connections; they care more about stuffing their business cards in your hands and walking away. Everyone wants to get to know each other. It’s very refreshing.

Another thing we love? It’s mostly females. Now, Women Grow is about ⅓ men at the meetings, so it’s not like they aren’t welcome. Being around a majority of women is very empowering. It’s like our energies feed off each other. For the first time, we are involved in an industry with a very big female presence.

It’s also very genuine networking. Since Women Grow is fairly new, a lot of the local groups are small. It has given us an opportunity to really get to know others in the cannabis industry. Now, at bigger events and expos, we are familiar to each other.

If you are curious about Women Grow, our meetings are the first Thursday of every month. They are all over the USA and Canada. Click below to check out an event near you.


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