We had a blast at #SWCCExpo!

Last week, Phoenix hosted the first ever Southwest Cannabis Conference & Expo, from October 26th – 28th. We knew we would meet a lot of people, and we started interacting with some of them before the expo started on Social Media.

Day 1 was more about working in the industry than anything else. There were a few companies set up to talk to people about the application process. We also saw a couple panels on how to get connected in the cannabis industry. We were sitting next to a young man who drove in from Safford, which is at least a couple hours from Phoenix. There was a lot of great information shared.

The Women Grow party was Monday night. We have been members since January, and were excited to meet the ladies in from out of town. Women Grow was started by Jazmin Hupp to give female entrepreneurs a place to network with others in the cannabis industry. The connections we have built are awesome.

Day 2 was the beginning of the Expo. We had been watching the booths get set up the day before, and we couldn’t wait to meet more people.

DustinMassRootsOne of the people we were excited to meet was Dustin from MassRoots. He is @CoolRunning on there, and we had interacted for a couple days before the event. One thing we love about Social Media is that you start a build relationships online, even if you never get the chance to meet them in person. Here is Dustin with Amy.



cherylshumanDay 3 was a little quieter, but we had so much fun! Even though we were running on empty, we pushed through and got to meet Cheryl Shuman. She’s one of the most well-known females in the industry, and very down-to-Earth. She’s also very social, and it’s been great talking to her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Can’t wait to see her again!




PaytonWe also got to hang out with our friend Payton Curry, who somehow got roped into giving a lady directions for a UPS store around the corner.




What we loved most, though, are the connections.  Seeing familiar faces at upcoming events will make them so much more worthwhile!

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